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I believe that women were perfectly created, by a loving Heavenly Father, to nurture and feed their babies. As an experienced lactation consultant, I understand that the journey of breastfeeding can present various challenges, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. Whether you're encountering difficulties with latching, concerned about milk supply, or seeking guidance through the intricacies of feeding, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your breastfeeding goals. I’m committed to providing personalized guidance and evidence-based strategies to navigate any obstacles you may encounter, ensuring you feel empowered and confident throughout your breastfeeding experience.

breastfeeding isn’t

always easy,

but it’s always

worth it.

Shannon Demiter



Snohomish County & East King County

hi, i’m the lactation consultant

My passion for lactation support stems from the trials and triumphs that I experienced through my personal breastfeeding journey. Each of my four children had varied issues that necessitated some level of breastfeeding support. The number of wonderful, helpful, and supportive lactation consultants that I saw was far outweighed by those that gave minimal help at best. This is what ultimately drove me to return to school and focus on lactation care. I felt that every mom deserved an IBCLC who could openly listen to concerns, provide a shoulder to cry on if necessary, and create a plan that was sustainable. I knew what I needed as a breastfeeding mom and I wanted to share that with others. While breastfeeding my little ones we had issues including tongue-tie, upper lip-tie, torticollis, suck disfunction, low milk supply, cracked and bleeding nipples, nipple blisters, plugged ducts, low weight gain, the use of an SNS, bottle rejection, and formula supplementation. These trials were difficult, but they make it possible for me to empathize with my patients.

In the fall of 2014, after the birth of my 4th child and another round of breastfeeding difficulty, I began my Lactation Specialist program through The University of California San Diego. I graduated in the spring of 2016 after completing over 300 hours of clinical time with some of the best IBCLCs in the Puget Sound area. My specialization is tethered oral tissue (tongue-tie, upper lip-tie, and buccal ties) and breastfeeding therapy. I am always on the hunt for continuing education opportunities to further my knowledge in order to better support my patients.

​When I’m not supporting breastfeeding moms, I’m enjoying life as a first-generation farmer. My husband and I, along with our four children, live on a 10 acre farm in Monroe. We raise Scottish Highland cattle, Idaho Pasture Pigs, and chickens. We also have a Jersey cow that I milk twice a day! I love to garden, can my own foods, bake, and make cheese. I homeschool my three youngest children and every day is a new adventure in our home.

when should i see a lactation consultant?

supply concerns

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latch issues

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nipple pain

Just because pain is common when you’re learning to breastfeed, doesn’t mean it’s normal! If your nipples are cracked, bleeding, or damaged, or if you’re beginning to dread feeding, you need an IBCLC.

Sometimes your baby won’t nurse well, even if you’re doing everything right. A professional can help you make a few adjustments to improve feeding for everyone.

If you’ve got concerns about your supply, I can help you figure out what might be happening, and provide you with tips or strategies to increase your milk supply.

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blocked ducts

Blocked ducts are possible throughout a breastfeeding journey. Let me help you resolve them and teach you how to avoid them in the future

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pumping plans

Which pump do you need? How and when do you pump, and for how long? How do you know if you’ve got the right size flanges? I can walk you through Pumping 101!

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a difficult delivery

Sometimes, a difficult birth or a caesarean can have an impact on your breastfeeding relationship. I can help you overcome issues like nursing after surgery, delayed milk production, a preterm baby, or a baby in the NICU.

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I met Shannon at the end of my rope. My baby was eating well but I was in toe-curling pain each time he ate. In my desperation, I scheduled an in-home visit and I can honestly say I would have stopped breastfeeding if it weren't for her.

Shannon's compassion for this first time mom and her comprehensive consultation gave me the support I needed and the confidence to trust and know my body to provide for my little one. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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lactation support involves...

personalized consultations

Personalized consultations are tailored to your unique needs and concerns. In these sessions, a lactation consultant offers one-on-one guidance, addressing specific breastfeeding challenges such as latch issues, milk supply concerns, or feeding difficulties. These consultations provide a supportive environment where you can openly discuss your experiences and receive individualized strategies to overcome breastfeeding hurdles effectively.

education & resources

Support packages include access to comprehensive educational materials and resources. These materials cover a wide range of topics such as breastfeeding techniques, proper latch and positioning, troubleshooting common breastfeeding problems, and advice on maintaining a healthy breastfeeding journey. These resources are invaluable references, empowering you with knowledge and confidence!

follow-up guidance

One of the key perks of a support package is ongoing follow-up support. Beyond the initial consultation, lactation consultants often offer follow-up sessions to track progress, address new concerns, and fine-tune strategies. This continuous guidance ensures that you receive sustained support and encouragement, allowing for adjustments and personalized recommendations as your breastfeeding journey evolves.

support packages

initial consultation


This initial consultation, usually about 1.5 hours in length, includes observation and assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast, as well as a gentle examination of you and your baby. I allow plenty of time for you to share your story, as well as all questions, concerns and insights you have pertaining to any challenges you are facing. At the end of our consultation, together we will create a care plan that is feasible and workable for you and your family.

I can address a variety of concerns including but not limited to: latch and positioning, plugged milk ducts, sore and/or damaged nipples, low milk supply, pumping, over supply, mastitis, breast tenderness, supplementation needs and tongue tie and/or lip tie.

follow-up consultation


While some breastfeeding challenges may be addressed in only one initial visit, some challenges may require additional meetings. Follow up consultations are generally 1 hour in length, during which time I will assess your progress and make adjustments to your care plan as needed.

prenatal virtual consultation


I am available to meet with families during pregnancy to discuss any questions or concerns that you have about breastfeeding.This visit includes an evaluation of any breastfeeding issues you may have had with a prior child, breast/nipple surgeries, flat or inverted nipples, health issues, hormonal concerns such as insulin dependent diabetes, history of PCOS and infertility, multiples pregnancy (twins, etc.) or other concerns that may affect breastfeeding. In addition, a plan of care is provided.

support packages

return to work virtual consultation


The return to work consult is specific for mothers that work outside of the home. I will assist you in preparing for your return which may include setting up and using your breast pump, discussion of appropriate bottles and best positions to alternatively feed your baby, milk storage, timing of pumping sessions, discussing pumping requirements with your employer and options for private pumping locations. (This visit does not cover breastfeeding assessment and assistance).

virtual consultation


A virtual consultation in a great option for anyone who has general breastfeeding questions or concerns but due to distance or time is unable to see me in person. I can address positioning/latch, pumping scheduling and troubleshooting, low milk supply concerns, engorgement and much more.

A virtual consultation can also be used as a starting point to determine if a more detailed in-person consultation is necessary.

mini virtual consultation


A 20 minute video consultation that allows us to chat about your concerns and determine the best course of action. This is a great option if you have basic questions regarding latch, positioning or pumping. If you have more in-depth clinical concerns including tongue-tie, infant weight gain or milk production this will require a full consultation. This would include a full review of both you and your baby's health history and a personalized care plan. I would also send your health care provider my chart notes and provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement. This is not included with the mini consult.

Payment Information...


Snohomish Valley Breastfeeding is an in-network provider with Aetna insurance and we will submit claims directly on your behalf. Aetna will typically cover 6 lactation visits.


  • Anthem BCBS PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • United PPO

Snohomish Valley Breastfeeding has partnered with Lactation Network! This is an incredible organization that helps moms and moms-to-be get the breastfeeding support they deserve, covered by their insurance. The Lactation Network guarantees every approved mother three 90-minute lactation consultations. They handle the paperwork and bill your insurance directly.

Not every policy in these groups is eligible. Therefore, it is very important to fill in the insurance verification form to have your insurance verified and your visit approved.

If your visit is approved you will only be responsible for $60. This is the portion of my fee that TLN does not cover and it is paid directly to me.



For out-of-network clients, payment is due at the time of booking. Snohomish Valley Breastfeeding accepts payment by all major credit cards. Many of our clients pay for consultations with a Health Saving Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) credit card. If you have a HSA/FSA, lactation consultations should be considered a qualified medical expense.

let’s get together.

If you’re struggling, if you have questions, or if breastfeeding just isn’t going how you’d hoped, get in touch today. Our visits are casual, low-pressure opportunities for you to vent your frustrations, alleviate your stress, and make a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Breastfeeding counselling sessions take place in the comfort of your home, because I know that getting a postpartum family to an appointment is no easy task. There’s no need to tidy up, get dressed, or even get out of bed- let me come to you and help you feel confident and capable to feed your baby!

Shannon Demiter


Breastfeeding, lactation, and infant feeding guidance in Snohomish & East King Counties

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